• See here for Introduction from the Setters.

  • See here for our annotated solution.

  • Some Hunters' tales: Cachew Nuts, Alcoholus Lubricatum, Psychologicals, Team Norway, No Management Potential, Arthur and his 3 Agathas, The Mullitovers, Rookies Redux, Roboogle AftermATH, (more welcome).

  • Some teams' entries, reprinted with permission, may be found here:

    Alcoholus Lubricatum , Rookies Redux, Muddy_Boots, PATHfinders, Psychologicals, Strange Brotherhood,

  • Marking: Please note the document marking guide and use it to complete the Excel file marksheet, which you should download and mail to [email protected] when complete.

    Here is the final roll of honour, following a few corrections. The scores were calculated using this Excel file (which is somewhat scrappy, but possibly of interest to the curious.)

    The prize-giving ceremony has, of course, been delayed by a virus. Depending how things pan out, I shall aim to organise it in late summer/early autumn. Watch this space!