Welcome to ATH 2021

By clicking the tabs above you will find everything you need to keep entertained and up to date during the hunting season.

This year's hunt was written by James Medhurst, a member of The Urban Marsupial Orchestra team. Sadly, James died earlier this year from Covid. He had previously sent large sections of his hunt to his teammates for test solving. The rest of the team has therefore been able to use his work as a base and finish writing the 2021 hunt. This year's treasure hunt is a tribute to James and his unique puzzling brain.

Our mailing list contains the contact details of everyone who has shown an interest in the ATH in previous years; we have sent you a message to confirm this. If you are not on the mailing list but would like to be kept in touch with significant events during the hunting season please send an email to theurbanmarsupialorchestra@gmail.com and we'll add you to the list.

We will also occasionally provide updates via Facebook and Twitter. You can be assured however that all information will appear on this web site and there is no advantage to be gained from social media. Please refrain from discussing ATH2021 on public forums (including social media) as it spoils the hunt for other teams. Thank you.

Covid: As we are not currently in a lockdown situation the 2021 hunt will run as normal. We do suggest following some basic precautions: please don't go out hunting for treasure if you are unwell, have symptoms of Covid, have returned a positive test, or have been told to self isolate. If the Government advice changes during the hunt updates will be provided on this site.

Participants are reminded to familiarise themselves with the rules around virtual finds and hunting in general. Any virtual find claims should be submitted by the Team Captain in an email sent to The Urban Marsupial Orchestra with a subject line "ATH2021 Virtual Find Claim - <Team Name>". Please include a reason why you are unable to complete a physical find. As always, the Setters' decision on the validity of virtual finds is final!

The Urban Marsupial Orchestra