Latest ATH News

  • 26 May 17: The 2016 hunt has been archived. Check back here in November for details of the 2017 hunt which is being set by Bruce Hindsight.
  • 25 May 17: Future ATH setters are confirmed as Mike Wood (2018) & Lady Strange and the Earl of Yarborough (2019). Volunteers for 2020 and beyond are invited to apply here.
  • 31 Oct 14: ATH web site goes independent and is renamed in honour of Pablo.
  • 15 Jan 08: Pablo, setter of this year's Hunt and many others before, is remembered.
Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

The Logica Armchair Treasure Hunt was established in 1985 and became something of a Logica institution. In 2014, after the sun set on Logica, this independent web site was setup to continue the tradition of an annual Christmas hunt. Past setters of the Logica ATH manage this site. The competition is now open to all comers. If this is your first year you are advised to start here.

Every year, just before Christmas, a different setter buries or hides a small box somewhere in England. They then design a set of elaborate puzzles and clues that reveal where it is hidden. Those clues are posted on this website. The challenge is to be the first to unearth the box, a task that usually takes a dedicated team anywhere from a week to a month to accomplish.

There is a trophy for being the first to reach the box, the "Pablo Memorial Trophy", and a trophy for the best solution, the "Dave Harding Trophy". The winners hold their trophies for a year. The team that is first to the box cannot win the "Dave Harding Trophy".

Although the hunt is now open to all comers there are no cash prizes. If an individual or organization would like to contribute to the running of this site, or sponsor a prize fund, then please contact the Past Setters.

This site contains the Current Hunt, a History of previous hunts, some Guidelines and other useful material for new entrants, and Resources for Armchair Treasure Hunt setters. Refer to the Contacts page for the current website owner.

Pablo, who was responsible for the Logica Armchair Treasure Hunt and much of this website besides, sadly passed away after a long battle against cancer in October 2007. He is very much missed by all ATHers and this site has been named in his memory.