Latest ATH News

  • 09 Apr 2018: The 2018 Hunt is being set by Mike Wood and will start in December.
  • 09 Apr 2018: Future ATH setters are confirmed as Lady Strange and the Earl of Yarborough (2019) & Apopheniacs Anonymous (2020). Volunteers for 2021 and beyond are invited to apply here.
  • 07 Mar 2018: The 2017 Hunt is over.
Pablo’s Armchair Treasure Hunt

Pablo’s Armchair Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Pablo’s Armchair Treasure Hunt! This annual hunt has been running for over 30 years. Just before Christmas, a setting team buries or hides a small box somewhere in England, and posts on this website a set of elaborate puzzles and clues that reveal the hiding place. The challenge is to be the first to unearth the box, which usually takes a dedicated team anywhere from a week to a month.

The 2017 Armchair Treasure Hunt, by Bruce Hindsight, is now over. You can still have a look at the puzzle, to see how far you get. The solution is here, with sample entries. See also the results, the setters' notes, and the hunters' tales. Thanks to everyone who took part—we hope you had as much fun with it as we did.

The 2018 Hunt, set by Mike Wood, will start in December, and more information will be posted here in November.

Pablo, who was originally responsible for the Armchair Treasure Hunt and much of this website besides, sadly passed away after a long battle against cancer in October 2007. He is very much missed by all ATHers and this site has been named in his memory.