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  • 08 Feb 2020: Still 2 sheets, promised a week ago, missing.
  • 25 Jan 2020: Still some marksheets to come in.
  • 16 Jan 2020: Solution released.
  • 30 Dec 2019: Muddy boots award announced here.
  • 25 Dec 2019: Festive and weakly connected quadruped added to site.
  • 23 Dec 2019: On page 3 "nyeb miu" should read "nyeb mlu". Sorry - this was a copy error. :
  • 20 Dec 2019: The hunt has been released.
  • 18 Nov 2019: A poster for the 2019 hunt can be found here, with a postscript on this site.
  • 05 Jul 2019: Future ATH setters are confirmed as Apopheniacs Anonymous (2020) & James Medhurst (2021). Volunteers for 2022 and beyond are invited to apply here.
Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Pablo’s Armchair Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Pablo’s Armchair Treasure Hunt! This annual hunt has been running for over 30 years. Just before Christmas, a setting team buries or hides a small box somewhere in England, and posts on this website a set of elaborate puzzles and clues that reveal the hiding place. The challenge is to be the first to unearth the box, which usually takes a dedicated team anywhere from a week to a month.

The November 2019 edition of the ATH Newsletter may be found here. If reports are to be believed, the threat of legal action has necessitated a complete redrafting of this year's Hunt.

Lady Emma has requested we add: "Thank you to all the Newsletter readers for their kind messages of condolence. Sir Charles wished his ashes to be scattered abroad, in a country well-suited to his creations. With this aim, a coach will be departing very early this morning from Leicester Square. All who wish to come are welcome, but please be punctual and mention the booking reference ONCRKAZM to the driver, who is our eldest. My husband loved hill-walking, especially in places with nearby hostelries for when he began to flag: that's a big plus!"

Monday December 9th: The UK hunt release clock is ticking... ... towards what would have been dinner-time tomorrow, were it 1582 in Lyon.

Friday December 20th: The 2019 Armchair Treasure Hunt can be found here. As usual, the target is a box, hidden somewhere in SE UK. If you find it, obey the instructions inside and replace it as it was.

The Treasure may be located from an Armchair with a hard copy of the Hunt document alone, but some things may only make sense if you visit the site itself, peruse the online version and read the Newsletter. If your team is unable to visit the treasure site in person, you may register a "virtual find" by sending ATHMMXIX a very detailed description of the box's location. Virtual finds will be ranked separately from actual, muddy finds.

Wednesday December 25th: For (some of) those not celebrating today, see

Monday December 30th. As promised, the Muddy Boots award is announced here.

Each team should submit by then a solution document. As once previously, we will encourage you to self-mark your entry in part - see the instructions file.

Saturday Jan 11th Pablo's ATH - unremitting, relentless labour. Just two more days to find the box, locate ATHEXIT and submit your entry.

Prizes will be awarded to the first few teams to find the treasure, for the best entries received, and for anything the Setters feel is appropriate. This might include the most successful newcomers to the Hunt and the most amusing entry. In addition, some teams may be eligible for prizes from the Sports and Social Club, for example if they include an employee of a suitable company that doesn't wish to be mentioned online in this context. Let us know if that may apply to you.

Tuesday Jan 14th: And the Hunt has closed. Thank you collectively for finding the Box and ATHEXIT.

We have received entries from AlcoholusLubricatum, Almost Last Again, Apopheniacs, Arthur and the Three Agathas, ATH Unicorns, Beef Leamington, Stalemate in the Library aka Burghfield Burghers, Cachew Nuts, Cavell team, Chiltern Fellowship, daphneHQ, David Kee Team, DinnaeKen, FiveMinutesFaster, Forge Ahead, Johnny from Donny, No Management Potential, Psychologicals, Puzzle Club, PuzzleTome Team, Raiders Up the Wrong Bark, Rookies Redux, Stragglers, Strange Brotherhood, swot, Team Millers, Team Norway, Team Poirot, Team Roboogle AftermATH, Team Sociometry, The Eh? Team, The Famous Five, The Magpie, The Mullitovers, The Mysterious Case of the Muddy Boots, The Owls, The PATHfinders, The Water Rats, Twelevepack, Unstable Geniuses, and Sherri and the Elves.

Thursday Jan 16th: The solution, CORRECTED marking documents and some tales may be found here.

Saturday Jan 25th: There are still some self-marking sheets to come in - reminders have been sent. If you have any Hunt-related tales for possible inclusion on this site do send them to

Saturday Feb 8th: Sorry for the marking delay - there are 2 marksheets I was promised last weekend still to come in. In the meantime, some impressive entries can be found here .