Resources for Hunters

The most common reaction to seeing an Armchair Treasure Hunt for the first time is to exclaim "It looks impossible! Where on earth do I start!?"

This is quite understandable, and indeed the ATH is not designed to be easy. However, if you are the sort of person who enjoys the mental challenge of a good puzzle, then a few pointers will hopefully help you to make some sense of it all and get you up and running. Pablo's Introduction to Hunting provides just such a summary of how to approach an Armchair Treasure Hunt. There are also some more specific answers provided to this set of practical and Frequently Asked Questions.

A much underrated resource is your team, it is staggering how productive group discussion can be, especially when suitably fuelled. The team dynamic is a key part to making the hunt such an enjoyable activity over the Christmas period. Most hunts are designed to have broad range appeal. So involve your friends, family and work colleagues. But don't get too carried away, over the years ATH teams have evolved an etiquette for hunting which we would like all teams to follow.

Dastardly codes are a common feature of Armchair Treasure Hunts, but if you are not someone who can decrypt a Vigenère Cipher in your head, then Pablo once again can come to your rescue. He developed a set of spreadsheets that can help in decrypting some of the more common ciphers, and these are available for anyone to download.