Armchair Treasure Hunt Archive

All previous Hunts (and the answers!) can be viewed from the list below. In addition there are usually some "Notes" describing the thoughts of the setter, and some "Tales" from people who entered the Hunt.

Armchair Treasure Hunts
Year Setter(s) Title / Main Theme Treasure Site Location
1985 Paul Coombs & Brian Jackson The Melting Brain Xmas Common, Oxfordshire
1986 Paul Coombs & Brian Jackson Magic Northaw, Herts
1987 No Hunt Set - -
1988 Paul Coombs & Brian Jackson Connections, GB Shaw Ayot St. Peter, Herts
1989 Paul Coombs & Brian Jackson Chess Copped Hall, Upshire, Essex
1990 Rod Fine & Brian Jackson Astrology Addington Hills, Surrey
1991 Steve Hames Sherlock Holmes Cookham, Berkshire
1992 Paul Coombs & Brian Jackson Sets Fetcham, Surrey
1993 Steve Hames London Underground Little Chalfont, Bucks
1994 Paul Coombs "The Armchair" Magazine Cranford Park, Middlesex
1995 Rosalind Barden & Jonathan Mestel George Orwell Wallington, Herts
1996 Dave Kee Fibonacci Series Ashridge Park, Herts
1997 Paul Coombs & Dave Harding Fact or Fiction Fotheringhay, Northants
1998 Brian Mills Food Beaconsfield, Bucks
1999 Steve Hames Time Herstmonceux, E.Sussex
2000 Dave Kee Snakes and Ladders Hillingdon Trail, Middlesex
2001 Ian Canning Tolkien Port Meadow, Oxford
2002 Mark Abbott Kit & Philip Marlowe Chislehurst, Kent
2003 Stephen Lees Sports Cars Ulting, Essex
2004 Barden Gnomes Playing Cards Grantchester, Cambridge
2005 Paul Coombs Foxhunting Watlington Hill, Oxfordshire
2006 Steve Hames Golf Steeple Aston, Oxfordshire
2007 Paul Coombs Italo Calvino & Tarot Coombe Hill, Bucks
2008 Tim North The Royal Parks Hampton Court Green
2009 Barden Gnomes Dorothy L. Sayers Witham, Essex
2010 Chris & David Baker, David Manley Social Networking Sites, Mints East Hagbourne, Oxfordshire
2011 Garry Smith Alan Turing's Silver Bars, Codebreaking Shenley Wood, Buckinghamshire
2012 Mike Wood Bath and (John) Woods Combe Down, near Bath
2013 Brian Jackson & Phil Stockton Deep Purple, Space Travel Ridge, Herts
2014 Alcoholus Lubricatum Life (HHGG, DNA & La Vie mode d'emploi) Ickleton, Cambridgeshire
2015 Dave Kee Great Circles (Fitzroy & The Beagle) Croxley Hall Wood, Rickmansworth, Herts
2016 Steve Hames & Roger Thetford Whisky, Beer & Iain Banks Pitstone Hill, near Tring