Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 1985

Title: Armchair Treasure Hunt 1985
Setters: Paul Coombs & Brian Jackson
Themes: The Melting Brain

Hunters' Tales

Having decided that the place names were all food and drink and sounded like a feast, I got to thinking: "What happens after a feast?". My first answer was Burpham. especially as the pub there is called 'The Green Man'. However, couldn't find pylons, Magpie Cottage etc. Then we thought it must be Christmaspie near Normandy - especially when you read Question 8:1. There wasn't even a pub or a postbox there! Then I thought about a 'calculation' after a feast - ie: the bill. So I tried Billinghurst, but that didn't work either...

Graham Kimbell

Can I claim bonus points for finding the treasure in the dark? It was 9 pm and I nearly killed myself in muddy holes and sticking-out branches.

Ken Kirkman

The unit of energy, the Newton metre is also known as the joule. Hence 9 diamonds = 9 jewels = 9 joules = 9 Newton metres. But where do the dogs and metres fit in? Did Newton have a dog called metre? Dogs are slang for feet but Newton feet is mixing SI and Imperial units. Newton appears on pound notes - hence foot pound force or whatever the unit is ...

Ken Kirkman

We arrived at Abinger Common thus: The "where are you" answers in sections 1 to 9 certainly make up the menu for a binge of monumental proportions. "Rest and be Thankful" might contribute the R (R and R = Rest and Recreation). The misspelling of QIZ in section 11 gives the "common". The terms "U" and "non-U" mean upper class and common, respectively - QIZ = "non-U"! Abinger Common is a lovely place ...

Ken Kirkman

Its been a lot of fun. apart from the night I saw "CONGRATULATIONS" staring me in the face. and then realised what the rest of the message was. You sadistic swine - I hope you're laughing.

Gary Smith

It didn't take long to discover that Bobby Stokes was the scorer of the only goal in the match. However, nobody seemed to know of any celebrity related to him. I finally phoned the secretary of Southampton Football Club, who didn't know, but suggested the Southampton local paper, who didn't know, but suggested the Portsmouth local paper, who didn't know but gave me the phone number of Bobby Stokes' father, who didn't know but gave me the phone number of Bobby Stokes, who didn't know!

Nick Hassell