Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 1990

Title: Armchair Treasure Hunt 1990
Setters: Rod Fine & Brian Jackson
Themes: Astrology

Brian Jackson writes...

Some Notes on the Hunt

This one was another exercise in training the (new) writer [Rod Fine]: "Please could I have 12 pictures, illustrating the signs of the zodiac, and can you put these items into these pictures....". This was compounded by just having moved to Rotterdam for a year or so in BV so most of this was drawn in a hotel room near Wijnhaven. However, Rod gave me free reign to do pretty much whatever I liked, within the confines of the astrology theme so there are a number of public (and private) jokes hidden in here, for example the Ford Capri (A10SER) was something I did for a poster for the first (and only?) Logica Car Treasure Hunt and the chart on the title page is actually my own (drawn by Graham Read).