Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 1997

Title: Fact or Fiction
Setters: Paul Coombs & Dave Harding
Themes: A wide range of topics

Hunters' Tales

"We'd like to thank you for the supreme sacrifice of having to make 14 pub visits in December, when you could have been at home with the in-laws."

"The barman was able to confirm that the pub used to be H C Pearson's tailors shop, but had never heard of John Stransom. That a huge article on Stransom hangs opposite the bar poses worrying questions about Wetherspoon's staff..."

"After shaking off a couple of loitering urchins, we retrieved the box."

(Literary Quiz) "I read a book once. It was a red one"

"No offence to Geordies but 'the most beautiful voice on radio' would have to have been a satirical comment if this is the correct answer"

"Silage features on the walk to the treasure site."

"Shredded wheat dishes - one shredded wheat = SW1, two shredded wheat = SW2. Hint at Orange Brewery."

"There are some Italian lyrics which look like they come from Verdi operas. First line is from Aida, second from Falstaff. Probably taking the first letter of each opera spells A FALSE TRAIL."

"This question appeared in the 1989 - 90 ATH!"

"Pablo's inherent laziness meant that the pub must be that punk palace of the '70s a couple of doors down from his gaff."

"Could the starring role assigned to Walter Brennan be a canny prediction that Walter's brother John would in fact be the first to the casket?"

"We've got little idea on most of these. Just as well we didn't play our joker on The Archers"

"We might have been tempted to head for Leighton Buzzard, except it's such a god-awful place."

"...we got there late, and darkness and fog were setting in fast. A number of false starts didn't help, and we spent some time wandering around the back of the church after some helpful advice from a couple of Americans. Even when we got to the tree, we couldn't find the treasure immediately because it has been 'well replaced' by Brennan's crowd. And just to rub it in, after we'd found it, the pub had shut. Bummer."

"Picture [of Oxford Blue, Windsor] is presumably of pub in Fotheringay, although it seems slightly different to how we remember it."

"We picked up the Archery Tavern...and went there on the 16th at the appropriate time. We saw quite a lot of apparent Reuters people but could not find Dave or Pablo..."

"Is Bangalore Phal a real dish?"

"The 46.2 code would seem to be a list of word/letter pairs from the Rognons Turbigo recipe."

"Can horoscopes refer to planets before they were discovered?"

"Someone had set the wrong date on the franking machine."

"...Elvis, Madonna and Marilyn? All sang Unchained Melody."

"May I commend to you the film Amazon Women on the Moon, where Jack the Ripper turns out to be the Loch Ness Monster."

"[one of the team] just happened to be passing the pub at 2.00pm one Sunday and noticed Paul Coombs leaving ... how fortunate for us!"

"Yet more references to Leighton and Buzzard, perhaps pointing us to Ampthill for the location of the treasure."

"Went to AMershAM ("in my end is my beginning") at an end of the Metropolitan Line. the church (St Mary's) has a path leading to a monument (the Martyr's Memorial) dedicated to a group of Protestants who were burned at the stake in 1506 and 1521. But "Mary's final message" didn't fit too well"

"As these [books] are all FICTION we interpreted this as an indication that the Orange Brewery was a red herring, so intentionally avoided attending that pub."

"On the precise edge of the map provided, a road crosses the M25, and immediately the other side is a pub called The Bull. Following the repeated references to The Bull in Stage 1, this seemed worthy of investigation..."