Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2005

Title: The Fox Hunt
Setter: Paul Coombs
Themes: Fox Hunting, Past ATHs

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

The full Excel marking scoresheet is available here and summarised below.

As usual, the points awarded for each question are equal to the number of incorrect or omitted answers to that question. This ensures that questions are valued according to their perceived level of difficulty. It also makes for big differences between teams at either end of the scale, so if you didn't get too many points then this is not necessarily a reflection on your ability. In any case, not everyone has the time or inclination to tease out every obscure reference.

No Logica teams claimed to be ATH virgins, so this prize has not been awarded. However, mention must be made of "The Yarboroughs" who are a new team of puzzle-fans from the USA. They overcame the cultural barriers, such as not knowing who "Shane" might be, or much about the geography of the Chilterns, in order to get a very respectable score and be credited with a 'find' of the treasure-box.

With regards to the "setter's special prize for endeavour in the face of adversity", the winner should be another new competitor from the USA, called Hilda. She did not get very far, but made up for this with an enthusiasm and a delight in arcane knowledge that can only be admired. I think she enjoyed the puzzle, and hopefully she will be back next year. No Logica team really stood out as qualifying for this prize, so again it has been withheld.

Two teams were awarded 'finds' at as estimated position on the grounds that they were unable to reach the box. The location of treasure ticket 18 (19 was the top one when I retrieved the box) remains a mystery.

ATH 2005 Results
  Team Name Captain     Box Pts Prize  
1 Slightly Foxed Rosalind Barden     13 881 Best Overall Solution  
2 Team Norway Tim North     2 844 Second Best Solution  
3 PDG Smith et al PDG Smith     12 805 Third Best Solution  
4 For Fox's Sake Mark Abbott     4 784    
5 Alcoholus Lubricatum Chris Andrews     6 781    
6 Mick Rogers Mick Rogers     13 751    
7 The Yarboroughs Bart Bramley N   8 738    
8 X-Fox 360 Clare Marsters     16 663    
9 The Famous Five Brian Mills     5 657    
10 The Great Nepalese Hunt Kailas Modha     8 643    
11 Quest4Treasure Peter Keen N   10 603    
12 The Burghfield Burghers Mike Wood     11 518    
13 The Half Hunters Geoff Dunn     15 514    
14 The David "Tall and Balding" Kee Team Dave Kee     3 502    
15 Woody Wurzels Sarah Paulson     14 475    
16 Too Many Armchairs, Not Enough Treasure Chris Baker       426    
17 Slow Learners Ian Canning     17 423    
18 Steve Hames Steve Hames     7 402    
19 Team Sociometry Jon Earl     1 364 First to Treasure Box  
20 Allister and Irene Reid Irene Reid N     340    
21 Chiltern Fellowship Jon Wallis       139    
22 Marilyn and Leroy Curtis Marilyn Curtis       117    


N = Non-Logica team
V = ATH Virgin
Box = Treasure Box ticket number