Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2010

Title: The Lost Formula
Setters: Chris & David Baker, David Manley
Themes: Social Networking Sites, Mints

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

As this was not a conventional hunt, we changed the scoring system slightly. As usual, the points awarded for each question are proportional to the number of incorrect or omitted answers to that question. This ensures that questions are valued according to their perceived level of difficulty. But harder puzzles like the Quiz Questions had a larger weighting than the more straight-forward coin/mint/hunt identification. Correctly linking someone or something to the themes also earned 3 bonus points.

You can peruse the detailed marking scoresheet should you so wish.

ATH 2010 Results
  Team Name Captain     Box Pts Prize  
1 Psychologicals   N   2 2279    
2 PDG Smith et al Peter D G Smith     5 2265 First Best Solution £100
3 No Management Potential Steve Hames     4 2166 Second Best Solution £75
4 PATHfinders Kailas Modha     1 2093 First to Treasure £100
5 Puzzletome Henry Maton N   7 2062    
6 TwelevePack David Bercik N   V* 1954    
7 Q4Tlogicals Greg Gomberg     3 1838 Second to Treasure £75
8 Lady Strange & the Earl of Yarborough Rosalind Barden       1699 Third Best Solution £50
9 Apopheniacs Anonymous Mark Abbott       1620 Most Apt Name £25
10 Principia Ignorantia Andrew Henderson       1619 Best Themed Name £25
11 David Kee Team David Kee     6 1522 Third to Treasure £50
12 Famous Five Brian Mills       1361    
13 Alcoholus Lubricatum Chris Andrews       1313    
14 Team Norway Tim North       1204    
15 Amanda Hartwell Amanda Hartwell       870    
16 Stragglers Bart Bramley N     865    
17 Slow Learners Ian Canning       805    
18 Full of Holes Clare Marsters       715    
19 I M Skinticus Adam Butler       660    
20 Chiltern Fellowshi Peter Radford       650    
21 Marchant & Friends Investigations Peter Marchant   V   297 Best Virgin Entry £50
22 Irene Reid Irene Reid N     288    
23 Lone Rangers Kim Rickard     V 247    


N = Non-Logica team
V = ATH Virgin
Box = Treasure Box ticket number
*Virtual Find - TwelevePack would have been first by over a week had somebody from their team been able to visit the site.