Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2015

Title: Great Circles
Setter: Dave Kee
Themes: FitzRoy & theĀ Beagle

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

There were 28 entries this year, including, two "virgin" teams where no team member has taken part in this ATH before. Two teams found the treasure, the first on December 23 and the second on January 1.

The solution is divided into 299 separate markable items. Following the traditional scoring method, the number of points awarded for a correct answer is equal to one more than the number of teams who got that answer wrong.

The marking spreadsheet lists each markable item with a reference, the references are largely self explanatory. For example "PH04.8, Station Latitude" refers to markable item number 8 on the notes page for Partial Hunt page 4. The solution documents have been annotated to include the markable items as red numbers on pdf layer "Marking References" which is visible by default but can be turned off.

A team can only win one prize, so a team that would otherwise win more than one is only awarded their best one, which explains why, for example, Alcoholus Lubricatum officially have the "Second best solution" despite having the third highest score.

Note that the trophy for best solution has been renamed, and engraved, the "Dave Harding Trophy". Sadly Dave died last year. Dave was a long time enthusiast for the ATH (as a member of the PATHfinders team) and instrumental in getting off the ground. He was particularly keen that there should be a trophy for the best solution and he selected the trophy that was presented for the first time to the ATH2014 winner. Dave will be missed by ATHers and hopefully he would approve of this "in memoriam".

The best solution this year was from the Psychologicals team and they have kindly allowed its publication here.

ATH 2015 Results
  Team Name Captain Virgin Ticket Points Prize*
1PsychologicalsEagle-eye22986Best solution, Dave Harding Trophy
2Bruce HindsightMark Wainwright12886First to treasure, Pablo Memorial Trophy
3Alcoholus LubricatumChris Andrews2641Second best solution
4Apopheniacs AnonymousMark Abbott2486Third best solution
5Tweleve PackNoel Aitchison2433
6Lady Strange and the Earl of YarboroughPaul Barden2299Red mist award
7PATHfindersMatthew Hulbert2192Best Team Biography
8Chiltern FellowshipJon Wallis2174Red Herring award
9Peter D G Smith et alTony Newman2129
10Team SociometryAdrian Rose1923
11Team PoirotAnne Traynor1907
12The Four Horsemen of the ApocralypseRichard Roper1845
13No Management PotentialSteve Hames1731
14StragglersBart Bramley1715
15Simon Long & Katherine JonesSimon Long1661
16Team NorwayTim North1522
17Team Life On Marr'sAndy Marr1487
18Not Remotely Under ControlJames Bunch1450
19Famous FiveBrian Mills1283
20Hartwell's HeroesGareth Hartwell1090
21Quinta EssentiaBernhild, Frank, Roswitha, Sven, Uta1075"No native speakers" award
22The Slow LearnersD Thomas962
23David WilliamsDave Williams709
24Team QuemadosAntonis LalatsasV705Best Virgin entry
25I'm SpartacusAdam Butler659Best "rickroll" of the setters
26f.dsMikkel Brekke585
27RickrollingHamish WalkeV299
28Mind the GapMichael Wood229Team in need of most encouragement


V = "ATH Virgin" - no team member has taken part in a Logica/CGI/Pablo ATH before
Ticket = Ticket number from the treasure box
*All prize winners received a commemorative mug.


Red Mist - Probably best explained at the prize giving.

Red Herring - Fully swallowed the red herring location and visited it a lot!

"No native speakers" - Best entry from a team with no native speakers. To quote from their entry "... we had some slight linguistic difficulties with puns and phrases, but we consider that as a challenge (but what the hell did the cows in the corn?)"

Best "rickroll" of the setters - Several teams rickrolled the setters in their entries and emails, we fell for the enticing video on this entry without a second thought.

Team in need of most encouragement - Not just because of the wooden spoon. To quote from their entry "We have decided to answer your plea for any assistance with David's sad condition although we are concerned that our very poor performance this year may lead to a relapse on his part. In fact the whole team is considering checking into a clinic to treat our depression at how badly we've done"