Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2015

Title: Great Circles
Setter: Dave Kee
Themes: FitzRoy & theĀ Beagle

Hunters' Tales

A selection of anecdotes, fond reminiscences, and snaps from the hunt are available here (pdf 1.5mb).

Prize Giving

The prize giving on Monday April 25th in the Empire Room of the Lamb was a great success and a chance for several teams to finally use their remote controls. A selection of pictures from the event can be found here (mp4 11.8mb).

Team Biographies

The following teams that took part in this year's hunt have generously allowed their team biographies to be published. These biographies are a useful insight into the competition. The PATHfinders entry (pdf 1.9mb) is both a biography and a beautiful self contained ATH waiting to be solved - use it to prepare your team for the next ATH.

Chiltern FellowshipI'm SpartacusStragglers
David KeePATHfinders (pdf 1.9mb)Team Quemados
David WilliamsPsychologicalsThe Four Horsemen of the Apocralypse
Hartwell's HeroesRickrolling