Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2016

Title: Whisky and Beer
Setters: Steve Hames & Roger Thetford
Themes: Whisky, Beer & Iain Banks

ATH 2016 Part 1: Title ATH 2016 Part 2: Title

For reasons of size the hunt was published as part 1 and part 2. Click on the images to download each part as a PDF file.

Live ATH Notes

The contents of the Live ATH Notes page at the end of ATH 2016.

20 March 2017: Scoring spreadsheet and full results published. Well done to everyone who participated in this difficult challenge, and we hope to see lots of you at The Clachan on 3 April.

19 March 2017: updated answer document and 'Hunters' Tales published. Top three teams are

  1. Apopheniacs Anonymous (Mark Abbott) 1611 points
  2. Andrew Wainwright (Jell's Team) 1599 points
  3. Simon Long, Katherine Jones, et al. 1527 points

16 March 2017: This year's prize-giving will be held at The Clachan, 34 Kingly St, London W1B 5QH on Monday 3 April. Join us from 5pm; stay as long as you like. The results and the finalised solution document will be published soon.

20 January 2017 The preliminary solution document is published. Happy reading! We'll welcome discussion on the PablosATH Facebook page.

16 January 2017 Entries have closed; thank you for your submissions. There's some discussion on the PablosATH Facebook page about the location and a couple of the ciphers. We'll post the solution document here soon.

11 January 2017 The end of the Hunt is fast approaching. Entries must be submitted by 23:59 GMT on Sunday 15 January 2017. Remember that if you are unable (for whatever reason) to visit a treasure site in person, you may email the setters to claim a virtual find. Please allow sufficient time before the deadline to answer any questions that you may be asked to substantiate your claim.

30 December 2016
Happy New Year

27 December 2016 Fresh from starring in ATH 2016, @Swannyg66 has now been inspired to win Celebrity Mastermind. The 2016 setters offer him their congratulations.

20 December 2016 On page 3, the picture in the blue circle was incorrect. The correct version is here. We have updated part 1 of the Hunt to use the corrected picture, taking the opportunity to replace STABLE with BEATLES on page 2 and to undo an unwanted capital-letter auto-correct in question 2 on page 8 ("Called" now reads "called").

15 December 2016 Corrigendum: On page 2, PAVED ROCK STABLE should read PAVED ROCK BEATLES. Sorry folks.

14 December 2016 The 2016 Hunt is published in two parts. For the richest experience, download part 1 and part 2 to your own machine and open them in a program like Adobe Reader, rather than a web browser. Windows users may need to follow this advice.

5 December 2016 We have identified a stellar disagreement between reference sources. After careful consideration we have decided to issue an amended poster, with the change as described below.

4 December 2016 On the poster as first published, Delta Geminorum and Theta Centauri should swap places, with Theta Centauri being the lower of the two. A revised poster will follow soon. Thank you Simon for pointing this out, and apologies to any perplexed Hunters.

4 December 2016 The poster has been published.