Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2016

Title: Whisky and Beer
Setters: Steve Hames & Roger Thetford
Themes: Whisky, Beer & Iain Banks

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

There were 28 entries this year, with just one "virgin" team venturing where others fear to tread.

The scoring is explained in detail in the solution document. In general, and following the usual ATH scheme, the number of points awarded for a correct answer is equal to one more than the number of teams who got the question wrong or failed to answer it. In some of the collections (e.g. the song titles) there is one point per item. The spreadsheet gives the gory detail.

A team can only win one prize.

ATH 2016 Results
  Team Name Captain Virgin Pitstone Ticket Beer Ticket Points Prize
1 Apopheniacs Anonymous Mark Abbott       1611 Best solution, Dave Harding Trophy.
SpecSavers nomination for getting closest to treasure without seeing it (twice).
2 Jell's Team Richard Ellis   4 4 1599 Second best solution
3 Simon Long, Katherine Jones, Chris Lancaster Simon Long   6 6 1527 Third best solution
4 Twelve Pack Noel Aitchison       1458 Best Solution from the US
5 Bruce Hindsight Francis Davey   1 1 1453 First to treasure, Pablo Memorial Trophy
6 Lady Strange and the Earl of Yarborough Paul Barden   2 2 1441  
7 Team Poirot Anne Traynor, George Roberts et al   5   1384  
8 Alcoholus Lubricatum Chris Andrews   3 3 1367  
9 The Pathfinders Matt Hulbert   7 5 1327  
10 Banks for the Memories by The Culture Club Andy Marr       1254  
11 Dave Kee team Dave Kee       1244  
12 Psychologicals Eagle-eye       1207  
13 Six Pack Richard Roper (the Frog)       1067  
14 The Eh? Team Tony Newman       1013  
15 Stragglers Bart Bramley       999  
16 Chiltern Fellowship Jon Wallis       966 Been to site, but not found treasure award
17 Famous Five Brian Mills       926 Most Dedicated Travellers
18 The Slow Learners David Thomas       824 Most inventive set of wrong answers
19 Quinta Essentia Bernhild, Frank, Roswitha and Sven       789 "No native speakers" award
20 The Non-Linear Thickets Sean Blanchflower V     773 Best Virgin Entry
21 Team Sociemetry Adrian Rose       707  
22 f.ds Wolfgang Leyrer       655  
23 Gareth Hartwell's Team Gareth Hartwell, Geoff Dunn et al       598  
24 I'm Spartacus Adam Butler       557  
25 A Series of Unlikely Explanations Mike Wood       442  
26 The Red-Faced Lionness Liz Colclough       408 Best solo entry
27 Rickrolling Hamish Walke       315  
28 David Williams David Williams       264