Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2017

Title: Another Fine Mess
Setter: Bruce Hindsight
Themes: Mess, Messy, Messier

More teams entered this Hunt than in many previous years. There were many virgin teams (in which no team members have ATH experience), and the overall performance was excellent.

Registered Teams7633
Site Visits2910

*: including one virtual find.

In two departures from past practice:

  • Teams were asked to mark their own entries. Thanks to your co-operation this seems to have worked very well.
  • A single mark was awarded for each correct answer, rather than a score depending on the number of teams not giving that answer. This simplified marking, and allowed teams to know their approximate score immediately, while still clearly distinguishing the best-performing teams.

The setters have re-marked all the leading entries, and a sample of points from all the other entries. Although this has resulted in some minor changes to total marks, it hasn't changed any of the prize positions. All the detailed marks and re-marking information is in this spreadsheet. In case Google Docs ever goes away, there's an OpenOffice version here.

Some of the top-scoring teams have given us permission to publish their solutions, for entertainment and guidance of future Hunt teams. Those solutions are linked from the scores in this table.

ATH 2017 Results
  Team Name Captain   Box Pts Prize
1 The Pathfinders Matt Hulbert   14* 429 Best solution, Dave Harding Trophy
2 Tweleve Pack Noel Aitchison   12 425 Second best solution
3 Beef Leamington Angus Walker V 4 414 Third best solution
4 The Psychologicals TATHC   1 411 First to treasure, Pablo Memorial Trophy
5 Apopheniacs Anonymous Mark Abbott   5 407  
6 The Rookies Lauren Hillier V 10 379 Best virgin solution
7 The OWLs Jo Cooper   7 372
8 Strange Brotherhood Simon Long   6 370
9 Alcoholus Lubricatum Chris Andrews   2 369 Second to treasure
10 The Cachew Nuts Richard Roper   3 358 Third to treasure
11 Daphne HQ Seb Bacon V 16 345
12 Stragglers Bart Bramley   336 Nearest Miss Award
13 Team Poirot Anne Traynor   328
14 Les Messieurs Andy Marr   13 324
15 Tim Tam Slammers Jan Schneider V 15 323
16 Chiltern Fellowship Jon Wallis   319
17 No Management Potential Steve Hames   8 313 Best Hunter's Tale
18 AftermATH Graham Longbottom   304
19 Hendalls Hunters Holly Douglas V 301
20 The Eh? Team Tony Newman   9 291
21 Lady Strange and the Earl of Yarborough Paul Barden   280
22 Cavell Family Jane Cavell   264
23 Dave Kee Team Dave Kee   254
24 Roboogle Riddlers Dan Lee V 249
25 Team Norway Tim North   247
26 The Puzzle Club Kathy Hylott V 11 244
27 Not quite last again! Gareth Hartwell   237
28 Famous Five Brian Mills   237
29 f.ds Wolfgang Leyrer   227
30 Johnny from Donny John Felton V 217
31 The Mullitovers Jason McKay   212
32 Team Crazy Colin Lu   210
33 Quinta Essentia Bernhild   204
34 Team Sociometry Adrian Rose   202
35 Rainbows and Unicorns Richard Ellis   202
36 The Bruce Medal for Mess Liz Colclough   194
37 100pt Heading Tom Lynn V 187
38 Unstable Geniuses Catherine V 163
39 The Avengers Mark Greenhalgh V 150
40 Forge Ahead James Cranch V 142
41 Burghfield Burghers Mike Wood   119
42 SWOT Jayne Samuel-Walker V 115
43 Friends and not David Stein Jonah Nan V 111
44 Ecclesall Eclairs Alan Cantrell V 95
45 I'm Spartacus Adam Butler   91
46 David Williams Dave Williams   85
47 Raiders Up the Wrong Bark Margaret Cooper   84
48 Wild East Heroes Chris Sparks V 81
49 Levettiers Robert Levett V 78
50 The Distributed Dominik Moritz V 33
51 X Mas the Spot Sami Kyöstilä V 24


V = ATH Virgin
Box = Treasure Box ticket number
*: virtual find.