Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

ATH Publicity

1. Advertising Channels

Approximately six weeks before the Armchair Treasure Hunt is due to be published, the setter should turn their attention to publicising this great annual event. The main advertising channels are:

The setter may have innovative ideas for other means of publicity. In the past, we have from time to time advertised the ATH on other Treasure Hunt websites, and it is worth noting that a Quest4Treasure team from the US now regularly enters our ATH.

2. ATH Poster

It is of course up to each setter exactly how they publicise their Hunt. But the common basic requirement for all channels is to prepare a one page, A4, PDF poster that advertises the forthcoming Hunt. As a minimum this needs to specify the following three pieces of vital information:

  • the Hunt start date and publication time;
  • the ATH website URL (;
  • the e-mail contact details of the setter.

However, many setters have gone to more elaborate lengths, and it is traditional to bury some very obscure clue within the advert. You can see a full set of extant posters in the ATH Poster Archive, ranging from the simple to the more elaborate.

3. Email Distribution List

The ATH e-mail distribution list comprises the addresses of team captains who have entered in previous years. Contact should be made with the Past Setters to obtain the list. Each setter is responsible for maintaining the list during their tenure (adding the contact details of any new entrants, applying any changes of address that come to their attention, or removing any addresses from the list that 'bounce', or of people who ask to be removed).

About one month prior to ATH publication, send a concise e-mail to all on the list reminding them of the forthcoming Hunt, asking them to prime their teams, and including any advertising material as appropriate.

Note: Anybody who wishes to be added to the distribution list, or wishes to advise of a change of e-mail address, please contact the Past Setters.

5. ATH Website

As soon as possible, the setter should announce the afore-mentioned vital details (start date and setter contact details) of the forthcoming Hunt on this website. This should be done in the Latest ATH News panel on the home page. A link to the ATH Poster should also be added in the same place once available. Obviously, this should be done before advertising via other channels (which points any would-be Hunters to the website).

See also the Guidance on Maintaining the ATH Website on the practicalities of updating the website.