Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2007

Title: The Fool on the Hill
Setter: Paul Coombs
Themes: Italo Calvino and Tarot

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

As usual, the points awarded for each question are equal to the number of incorrect or omitted answers to that question. This ensures that questions are valued according to their perceived level of difficulty. It also makes for big differences between teams at either end of the scale, so if you didn't get too many points then this is not necessarily a reflection on your ability.

You can peruse the detailed marking scoresheet should you so wish.

There was only one Logica team of ATH Virgins who submitted an entry by the deadline: Fool and the Gang. The team comprised just two members, Noel Aitchison and Andrew Meldrum, although it wasn't made clear which was the Fool, and which was the Gang. They claim the Best ATH Virgin prize, and also submitted a very entertaining entry. Hopefully it will act as some small consolation for their fruitless search on Leith Hill, and they will be back for more next year.

After much deliberation by the judging panel, it was finally decided to award the Setter's Special Prize for "endeavours in the face of adversity" to Arrrr, There Be Treasure, a team from South Wales captained by Chris Baker. They went to some lengths to organise their own Anneka Rice to visit Coombe Hill, and were rewarded with their first ever treasure find in their sixth ATH.

ATH 2007 Results
  Team Name Captain     LH CH Pts Prize  
1 Peter D G Smith et al Peter D G Smith       4 938 Best Overall solution £100
2 The Yarboroughs (US) JoAnna Stansby N   6 8 856    
3 Q4T Team 1 Peter Keen N   8 10 820    
4 I Quattro Sciocchi Rosalind Barden     2 5 814 2nd Overall £50
5 T at Brillig Simon Groom     9 12 784 3rd Overall £25
6 Team Sociometry Jon Earl     1   781 First Leith Hill Ticket £50
7 The PATHfinders Kailas Modha       2 761 2nd to treasure £75
8 The Famous Five Brian Mills     13 3 721 3rd to Treasure £50
9 Alcoholus Lubricatum Chris Andrews     4 1 694 First to Treasure £125
10 Team Norway Tim North     5   666    
11 Mick Rogers Mick Rogers         522    
12 The Slow Learners Ian Canning     10 13 478    
13 Second Hand Lot (Q4T) Jason Westley     11 11 477    
14 Dave Kee Team Gillian Hardy         460    
15 Andover to Wendover Gareth Hartwell       9 442    
16 Treemendously Confused (VEGA) James Bunch N   3   438    
17 Arrrr, There Be Treasure Chris Baker       7 435 Setter's Special Prize £25
18 Invisible Settees Clare Marsters     12   434    
19 Burghfield Burghers Mike Wood     7   379    
20 Chiltern Fellowship Jon Wallis         355    
21 Twelevers (US) Todd Becker N V     334    
22 Tharg and Friends Irene Reid N       259    
23 No Management Potential Steve Hames         203    
24 Milnes Team Martin Milnes       6 185    
25 Leithally Perplexed Tony Colclough         183    
26 Fool and the Gang Noel Aitchison   V     118 Best ATH Virgin £50


N = Non-Logica team
V = ATH Virgin
LH = Leith Hill ticket number
CH = Coombe Hill ticket number