Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2009

Title: athmmix
Setter: The Barden Gnomes
Themes: Dorothy Sayers & Peter Wimsey

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

As usual, the points awarded for each question are equal to the number of incorrect or omitted answers to that question. This ensures that questions are valued according to their perceived level of difficulty. It also makes for big differences between teams at either end of the scale, so if you didn't get too many points then this is not necessarily a reflection on your ability.

There were plenty of Special Awards this year, and you can peruse the detailed marking scoresheet should you so wish. There is also a PDF version of the Results Table.

The Prize Giving was held in The Rugby Tavern on Great James Street, London, on 18 March 2010, during which the newly engraved memorial plaque was presented to Tim North, captain of Team Norway who were first to find the Treasure.

ATH 2009 Results
  Team Name Captain     Box Pts Prize  
1 Peter D.G. Smith et al Peter Smith     9 2303 Best Overall Solution £100
2 Twelevepack   N   Vt 1868    
3 Team Norway Tim North     1 1839 1st to the Treasure £100
4 Q4T_Logicals Greg Gomberg     6 1820 1st to the Library Treasure £75
5 PsychoLogicaL People       3 1723 2nd Overall Solution £75
6 Treble Bobs All Round Mark Abbott     4 1658 3rd to the Treasure £50
7 Friends of Dorothy Society       16 1629 3rd Overall Solution £50
8 Alcoholus Lubricatum Chris Andrews     5 1623 2nd to the Library Treasure £50
9 The Yarboroughs Dale Johannesen N   Vt 1594    
10 David Kee Team David Kee     11 1575    
11 No Management Potential Steve Hames     10 1484    
12 PATHfinders Kailas Modha     8 1475    
13 Team Sociometry Jon Earl     12 1460 Setters' Prize £25
14 The Famous Five Brian Mills     7 1446    
15 Mick Rogers Mick Rogers     Vt 1290    
16 Puzzletome       14 1201    
17 Amanda Hartwell Amanda Hartwell     15 838    
18 Ringing the Changes         765    
19 Bell, Book and Canto         753    
20 The Slow Learners Ian Canning     13 679    
21 The Chiltern Fellowship John Baxter       673    
22 Too Many Armchairs, Not Enough Treasure Chris Baker       469    
23 I'm Inspector Sparkertus         433    
24 Jason McKay Jason McKay       402    
25 Space Invaders       2 327 2nd to the Treasure £75
26 Dotty Incanabula         273    
27 Bruce Jackson Bruce Jackson       142    

The setters awarded a number of special awards this year:

  • Award for Best Pink Bucket and Spade: Friends of Dorothy Society
  • Award for Inability to Find a Tupperware Box that is Right in Front of You (three-way tie): Team Sociometry, Alcoholus Lubricatum and No Management Potential
  • Award for Bad Poetry and General Zaniness: PychoLogicaL People
  • Award for Most Profligate and Elegantly Typeset Entry (11MB): Dave Kee
  • Award for Best Team Name: Bell, Book and Canto
  • Public Information Award for Posting the Treasure Location on the Internet Before the Closing Date: Q4T Logicals


N = Non-Logica team
V = ATH Virgin
Box = Treasure Box ticket number
Vt = Virtual Treasure Ticket