Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2014

Title: Life
Setter: Alcoholus Lubricatum
Themes: HHGG, DNA & La Vie mode d’emploi

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

There were 31 entries this year, including, happily, six "virgin" teams where no team member has taken part in this ATH before.

The questions and puzzles are divided into 685 separate markable items, explained in detail in the answers. Following the traditional scoring method, the number of points awarded for a correct answer is equal to one more than the number of teams who got that answer wrong. There are a few bonus questions that are exceptions to this rule and score a flat ten points each. A spreadsheet of all of the teams' answers for each of the items is available for perusal.

A team can only win one prize, so a team that would otherwise win more than one is only awarded their best one, which explains why, for example, PATHfinders officially have the "Second best solution" despite having the third highest score, Psychological Eagles are "Third to the treasure" despite having the fourth ticket, and so on.

ATH 2014 Results
  Team Name Captain Solo Virgin Ticket Points Prize
1 Bruce Hindsight Francis Davey   V 2 6089 Best overall solution
2 Lady Strange and the Earl of Yarborough Paul Barden     1 6032 First to the treasure
3 PATHfinders Peter Marchant     5 5979 Second best solution
4 Tweleve Pack Noel Aitchison     9 5805 Third best solution
5 Psychological Eagles Clare Young     4 5737 Third to the treasure
6 Deep Thought Andy Marr     8 5688  
7 Apopheniacs Anonymous Mark Abbott     7 5659  
8 PDGSmith et al Peter Smith     13 5598  
9 Puzzletome Harry Maton     15 5376  
10 Dave Kee team David Kee     12 5359 Furthest travelled to the treasure
11 Chiltern Fellowship Jon Wallis     17 5227  
12 The Stragglers Bart Bramley     16 5128  
13 Rok Simon Long S V 3 5106 Second to the treasure
14 No Management Potential Steve Hames     10 4838 Most enthusiastic find
15 Lowne Ranger Jason Westley S     4813 Best solo solution
16 Team Norway Tim North     14 4549 Best hunting tale
17 Famous Five Brian Mills     18 4273  
18 Team Sociometry Adrian Rose     6 4134  
19 Team Poirot Anne Traynor     11 4087  
20 Cavell Family Jane Cavell   V   2689 Best virgin solution
21 Team H4D5K2P2O3 Geoffrey Dunn       2607  
22 Oh No Not Again Liz Colclough       2527  
23 Mr Cryptic Brian Parks S     2459  
24 Solve and Enjoy Todd Konkel S V   2251  
25 The Slow Learners David Thomas       2111  
26 Liz and (not enough help from her) friends Liz Gronner       1903  
27 I'm Slartibartfastacus Adam Butler       1634  
28 BistromATHmaticians Mike Wood       1542  
29 Quinta Essentia Sven Schoppe   V   863  
30 Dave Williams Dave Williams S V   793  
31 ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha Clare Marsters S     584  


S = "Solo" - entirely, or almost entirely, a solo effort
V = "ATH Virgin" - no team member has taken part in Logica/CGI/Pablo's ATH before
Ticket = Ticket number from the treasure box