Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt Related Books

Masquerade by Kit Williams


  • Author: Kit Williams
  • Published: Jonathan Cape - September 1979.
  • Details: Hardcover. 32pp.
  • ISBN: 0224016172.
  • Summary: The original Armchair Treasure Hunt, published in 1979, which captivated and entranced worldwide millions before the treasure was found in somewhat controversial circumstances in 1982. Beautiful artwork, cryptic rhymes, not a question in sight. And all before the internet or Google was invented.
  • Reviews: Wikipedia; Amrich Tribute.
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The Code Book by Simon Singh

The Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking

  • Author: Simon Singh
  • Published: Fourth Estate - New Ed edition June 2000.
  • Details: Hardcover & Paperback. 416pp.
  • ISBN: 1857028899.
  • Summary: A compelling read on the use and development of codes through the ages, as the encrypters try to stay one step ahead of the decrypters. Many facinating historical accounts of their use, right up to quantum cryptology. There are good and readable technical explanations of all your favourite ATH codes.
  • Reviews: American Mathematical Society; New York Times.
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