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This site is currently maintained by Past Setters of the ATH. Click here [email protected] to get in touch.



This quiz started as a Logica sponsored activity and continued until October 2014, when this independent web site was set up.

This web site and the Past Setters are independent of any commercial organization.



The Armchair Treasure Hunts and the answers to them are the copyright of their respective setters. If you wish to use or reproduce them for any purpose, in whole or in part, then the permission of the setter is required. Setters can be contacted via this link.

Permission should similarly be sought for reproducing other content that appears on this website. The Resources for Hunt Setters section of this website was written by Mark Abbott, except where material is explicitly attributed to another author. The remainder of the content appearing on this website was authored by Pablo. Changes made to the web site content when it went independent in 2014 were authored by the Past Setters.


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Please report site errors or omissions via this link. We are particularly interested in faults found with hunts in the Archive. Note that issues with a hunt that is in progress should be reported via the hunt specific method, usually to be found here.