Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2021

Title: The Twelve Days of Cold Christmas
Setters: The Urban Marsupial Orchestra
Themes: The Twelve Days of Christmas, Prime Meridians, Cold

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

The marking scheme is provided in the Answers document. A total of 34 teams submitted answers, including two virgin teams. There were six successful treasure finds and many more excursions to the Cold Christmas area and its muddy bridleways.

The Urban Marsupial Orchestra awarded several additional prizes this year, most notably the James Medhurst Memorial Mug for Most Bonkers Theory to Team Poirot for making a beeline to many bee references we did not even know were in the hunt!

The Roboogle AftermATH team possibly came across someone else’s treasure hunt at HMP Welwyn Pear Tree Farm, and the appropriately named Masterchef at nearby number 16, hence were awarded the What the …? Award for the sheer strangeness of coincidence. Team FocalPt were the only team to fully identify all the Humphreys and milk thieves connections and earned themselves the Milk Bottle Award.

Finally, a special mention to the Dave Kee Team and Arthur and his Three Agathas, who clubbed together in an Olympic spirited show of International Cooperation, and earned themselves the Best Story award.

ATH 2021 Results
  Team Name Captain     Box Pts Prize  
1 The Magpie Neil Talbott 3 5792 Best Overall Solution (Dave Harding Trophy) & 3rd to Treasure
2 Alcoholus Lubricatum Simon Long 1 5324 1st to Treasure (Pablo Memorial Trophy) & 2nd Best Solution
3 Psychologicals 5137 3rd Best Solution
4 Beef Leamington Angus Walker 2 4918 2nd to Treasure
5 Drummond Street Irregulars Richard Grafen 4703
6 Buridan’s ATH Alastair Gerrard V 4463 Best Virgin Team
7 The PATHfinders Matthew Hulbert 4331
8 Apopheniacs Anonymous Mark Abbott 4 4121
9 Team FocalPt Phil Hind 6 3876 Milk Bottle Award
10 Nevermore, provisionally Colin Bell 3687
11 Team Poirot Peter Carr 3644 James Medhurst Memorial Mug for Most Bonkers Theory
12 No Management Potential Steve Hames 3366
13 Tweleve Pack Dave Bercik 2977
14 Arthur & his three Agathas with the Dave Kee Team Dave Kee & Andie Mayr 5 2866 Best Hunt Story & Special Commendation for International Cooperation
15 Roboogle AftermATH Graham Longbottom 2772 What the ...? Award
16 The OWLs Jo Cooper 2531
17 The Mullitovers Jason McKay 2484
18 Unstable Geniuses Catherine Britt 2325
19 Cachew Nuts Brian Parks 2278
20 Puzzle Club Kathy Hylott 2096
21 Chiltern Fellowship Steve Minter 1803
22 Five Minutes Faster Jody Kelly 1710
23 Team Norway Tim North 1590
24 Johnny from Donny John Felton 1396
25 f.ds Michael Goble 1368
26 Famous Five + Brian Mills 1177
27 Raiders up the Wrong Bark Margaret Cooper 1134
28 The Stragglers John Garrison 865
29 Team Sociometry Adrian Rose 839
30 Red Dot Hunters Chris Sparks 832
31 Almost Last Again Gareth Hartwell 728
32 Northern Lights Gill Rodger 722
33 Pit Stop Kim Graham V 544
34 Optimus Very Sub-Prime Mike Wood 424


V = ATH Virgin