Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Pablo: The Picture Round

Many thanks to Brian Jackson for supplying these images of Pablo.

Christmas Scene (1985)

Pablo at the Treasure Site on Christmas Common, 1985

Pablo surveys the scene of the treasure site for the very first Logica Armchair Treasure Hunt, on Christmas Common near Watlington in Oxfordshire.

Advanced Taste (1987)

Pablo in his paper jacket on Bad Taste Day in Logica's 23, Newman Street office

Brian recalls: "Bad Taste Day was a morale raiser on the Advance project one Friday in Logica's 23 Newman Street office. The Advance project team circa 1987-88 included myself and Dave Harding, as well as Pablo who donned his colourful paper jacket for the occasion."

Music Hall Singer (1988)

Pablo sings a duet at The Music Hall in King's Cross

Brian recalls: "This was a post-delivery Advance project bash at The Music Hall, a pub near King's Cross which encouraged audience participation. Here, Pablo is singing his part in the duet: "You can touch my cherries, but you mustn't touch my plums" - quite a memorable song given his duet partner."

Man of Mystery (1989)

Pablo relaxes after the Logica Mystery Trip to Dublin in 1989

Brian recalls: "Logica Sports & Social Club used to run a legendary Mystery Trip. Here's Pablo in relaxed mood, sitting in the departure lounge at Dublin Airport. It was 1989 I think?"

Astro Logical (1991)

Pablo outside the Astro diner in New York in 1991

Brian recalls: "I went out to New York for a week in 1991 to visit Pablo when he was working there. Astro was a friend of Adrian Brennan's that we both knew, hence the shot outside the diner, which was just around the corner from Pablo's 57th Street apartment."

Bell Tower (1996)

Pablo in a tower above the Charles Bridge in Prague, 1996.

Brian recalls: "Pablo came out to stay with me when I was working in Prague in 1996 - my chance to reciprocate. I think it was his first visit there, in this shot doing his Martin Bell impression at the top of one of the towers at the end of the Charles Bridge."