Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt 2020

Title: Apophenia Island
Setter: Apopheniacs Anonymous
Themes: Treasure Island, Poe & Defoe

Results, Prizes and Special Awards

Team submissions were marked against a pre-defined marking scheme identified in the ATH2020 Solution document. Each item for which a mark could be awarded was labelled in the solution document e.g. [LON-01]. The full ATH2020 Scoresheet shows for each team (columns) the marks that were awarded for each such marked item (rows).

As usual, the points awarded for each marked item are inversely proportional to the number of teams that got that scoring item correct. There were 32 submitted team entries in total. If every team got a marked item correct, each team received 1 point. If just one team got a marked item correct, that team receives 32 points and all other teams zero. This ensures that questions are valued according to their perceived level of difficulty. It also makes for big differences between teams at either end of the scale, so if you didn't get too many points then this is not necessarily a reflection on your ability.

The following table shows the final scores for marked entries along with Treasure Find numbers and special prizes awarded.

ATH 2020 Results
  Team Name Captain   #Trs Points Prize
1The Psychologicals464381st Best Solution (Dave Harding Trophy)
2The MagpieNeil Talbott60762nd Best Solution
3Alcoholus LubricatumChris Andrews155701st to Treasure (Pablo Memorial Trophy); 3rd Best Solution
4PATHfindersMatthew Hulbert4598
5The Urban Marsupial OrchestraLauren Hillier4317
6No Management PotentialRoger Thetford241852nd to Treasure
7Team PoirotPeter Carr4142
8Beef LeamingtonAngus Walker4084
9Tweleve PackDave Bercik4027
10Nevermore, ProvisionallyColin Bell3300
11Team MillerTimothy Luffingham3295
12Arthur & His Three AgathasAndie Mayr3113
13Chiltern FellowshipSteve Minter3048
14The OWLsJo Cooper3042
15Puzzle ClubKathy Hylott2784
16MullitoversJason McKay2724
17Famous Five+Brian Mills2248
18Cavell FamilyJane Cavell2172
19Captain Clueless & the Puzzled PiratesAndrew Henderson2102
20Daphne HQSeb Bacon1926
21Johnny From DonnyJohn Felton1816
22ArithmancersHRCV1639Best ATH Virgin
23Cachew NutsBrian Parks1548
24David Kee TeamDavid Kee314593rd to Treasure
25The Eh? TeamTony Newman1401
26Well Met in ElmetAlan Cantrell827
27Carr TroubleAndy CarrV764AA Outstanding Apophenia Award
28Unstable GeniusesCatherine Wright685
29The StragglersJohn Garrison649
30Raiders Up The Wrong BarkMargaret Cooper404
31Almost Last AgainGareth Hartwell310AA Nostradamus Award
32David WilliamsDavid Williams157


V = ATH Virgin

#Trs = Treasure ticket number. Note that physical & virtual finds were merged this year into a single chronological sequence due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

AA = Apophenicas Anonymous special awards.