Pablo's Armchair Treasure Hunt

Armchair Treasure Hunt Roll of Honour

An e-scroll honouring those who have covered themselves in Armchair Treasure Hunt glory down the years, either being the first team to find the treasure, or the team submitting the best solution to the puzzle. Click on the year to navigate to relevant puzzle, or the winning team name to navigate to that year's Results table. The Armchair Treasure Hunt Trophy is awarded to the first team to find the Treasure Box in memory of Pablo. Starting in 2014 the Setters' Best Solution Trophy was awarded for the best solution. This was renamed in 2015 as the Dave Harding Trophy for Best Solution.

Armchair Treasure Hunts — Winners
Year Title and theme First to treasure Best solution
2022 CATastrophe! The Story of the Godstow Witch The Psychologicals Alcoholus Lubricatum
2021 The Twelve Days of Cold Christmas (& Prime Meridians) Alcoholus Lubricatum The Magpie
2020 Treasure Island, Poe & Defoe Alcoholus Lubricatum The Psychologicals
2019 Ruth Rendell and Bank Robberies Alcoholus Lubricatum The Magpie
2018 Ian Fleming and the James Bond books No Management Potential
2017 Another Fine Mess The Psychologicals The Pathfinders
2016 Whisky and Beer (& Iain Banks) Bruce Hindsight Apopheniacs Anonymous
2015 Great Circles (FitzRoy & the Beagle) Bruce Hindsight The Psychologicals
2014 Life (HHGG, DNA & La Vie mode d᾿emploi) Lady Strange and the Earl of Yarborough Bruce Hindsight
2013 Space Truckin’ (Deep Purple & Space Travel) Alcoholus Lubricatum The Psychologicals
2012 Stopping by Woods (Bath and John Woods) Alcoholus Lubricatum Apopheniacs Anonymous
2011 An Enigma (Alan Turing & Codebreaking) Alcoholus Lubricatum Tie: AM Turing Struck My Big Fox Whelp / The Psychologicals
2010 The Lost Formula (Social Networking Sites, Mints) PATHfinders Peter DG Smith
2009 athmmix (Dorothy L. Sayers) Team Norway Peter DG Smith
2008 The Royal Parks (& London Landmarks) Alcoholus Lubricatum Missing the Pointers
2007 The Fool on the Hill (Italo Calvino & Tarot) Alcoholus Lubricatum Peter DG Smith
2006 Golf Alcoholus Lubricatum The Uproar of Butterflies (PATHfinders)
2005 The Fox Hunt Team Sociometry Slightly Foxed
2004 ATH for Dummies (Playing Cards) Alcoholus Lubricatum Peter DG Smith
2003 Driven (Sports Cars) Brian Mills Peter DG Smith
2002 Wasted (Christopher & Philip Marlowe) Martin Milnes Peter DG Smith
2001 2001: an Armchair Treasure Hunt (Tolkien) Martin Milnes The Halflings (PATHfinders)
2000 Snakes and Ladders (Hillingdon Trail) Brian Mills Trailer Trash (PATHfinders)
1999 Time Martin Milnes Brian Mills
1998 Food Malory Towers Old Boys (PATHfinders) The Bardens
1997 Fact or Fiction The Ampthill Mob (PATHfinders) Brian Mills
1996 Fibonacci Series The Golden Oldies (PATHfinders) Brian Mills
1995 George Orwell The Thought Police (PATHfinders) Mark Amey
1994 "The Armchair" Magazine (Cranford) Martin Milnes David Kee
1993 London Underground Garry Smith David Kee
1992 Sets Brian Mills David Kee
1991 Sherlock Holmes Wendy Petty The Wild Boys
1990 Astrology Ken Kirkman Andrew Healey
1989 Chess John Kendrick Rod Fine
1988 Connections Martin Milnes Ken Kirkman
1987 - No hunt set -
1986 Magic Ken Kirkman Brian Mills
1985 The Melting Brain Steve Morris Nick Hassell